Friday, 7 October 2011

A Week Later

So little has happened, which is sad really. I am slightly happier. I guess.
Loled at the fact I haven't had any profile views, though I guess I shouldn't expect to.
No d and m's this week. My support was back! Spent 40 or so minutes just chatting. It may not fix things but sometimes you just need someone else's energy to keep going. Well, we didn't talk much, but silence itself isn't always a bad thing. I was too tired to talk to be honest.
My CFS is getting pretty bad. I really need to find a better balance. For now I really need to focus on building my energy back up. Seems my muscle mass has all but gone. Man, I used to be so tone and now it hurts to rub moisturiser in. No girl my age wants to put on weight but I'm so tired of being sore and exhausted all the time. I've also had the same headache for a good 4 days now and I'm going insane. My back's also flared up again so it's 24/7 heat pack on that one.
So many complaints!
I'm planning on trying out for the under 18 womens basketball state team and I know I won't get in, but it's worth a go. Just hope I'm well enough to.
I don't feel as chipper as I sound. I just watched the movie Oliver and was amazed.
I would've loved to have seen it when it was on at the Princess Theatre but sadly wasn't well enough.
Oh well. Hopefully I'll make it through the coming days and my body stops being lousy soon.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

To begin.

It's the beginning of a new month today. Geelong likely don't care after winning the premiership, but I am a Lions fan myself.
I hope to find followers here, if not I'll pointlessly write in hope.
I hope over time to reveal myself to you, cyberspace, where I am judged for the truth.
I have had a terrible week. I've cried many times. I've felt loved just once and soon after felt hurt by loving. My hope for basketball to return to a happy place was soured by the news 'she' may go. Please, don't, you hurt me enough as it is.
I miss my support. She may not care but she is only superb at not letting on. That is enough for me. I will miss her, heart breakingly, when we part at the end of the year. She lets me cry, rant and rage. We make bad jokes and feel each other's pain. We can never fix it but we hurt together. She's been gone for a week. I hope she's okay soon. I need her back.
I hope this pain doesn't last for too long. I miss happiness.
Font. I will keep it as it is.
I apologise for my tone. I hope happiness returns soon.